The New Project

Monday was the start of the new quarter. Instead of going to classes at school, I’ve come up with my own sort of senior research project. Working with a close friend, Andrew, I will be designing a device that will us to get on-the-fly emissions data from cars! The project will use the ODBII port found standard in all cars made after 1996.

The plan is to use an OBDII  to Serial cable, which is then connected to an Arduino board, and pushed out via Bluetooth. So the pipeline is essentially as follows:

Car Sensors -> Car Computer -> OBDII Port -> Serial -> Arduino -> Bluetooth -> Android Phone/Computer (Java)

This is going to be a rather challenging project for me because I have very little experience working with electronics. Luckily, that’s where Andrew comes in as he has a decent amount of electrical background. The eventual goal is to run a study on the actual emissions coming from the students cars at school!

That’s it for today, a nice quick short post. I’ve got some work to get done and a couple meetings to attend!

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