Technical Seminar Papers Posted!

The goal of this website/blog is as follows: merge my scholastic and professional achievements together and share them with whomever wants to access them. I’m very much a fan of the open source movement, so I’m sharing my work in this spirit! Keep in mind with these papers, they were written rather quickly after required reading. So, the thoughts contained may not reflect entirely how I feel, or sometimes, not how I feel at all. While I take pride in my work, deadlines seem to force opinions, as opposed to incubating them.

To summarize, these papers are posted online just to give you an idea of my initial thoughts in regards to the reading assignments. If you’re anything like me, if you’re undecided, it really helps to digest others thoughts, which hopefully helps develop yours along.

I have many papers to post, this will be the first series, a selection from my Computer Science Foundations seminar. The format is as follows: [Referenced Reading Assignment] (linked where possible) – [Title]. All papers are in Open Office ODT format!

Feel free to use the papers, but please reference me. Thanks!

Dreaming in Code
Dreaming in Code: A Case Study on How Not to Develop a Program

Two Case Studies of Open Source Software: Apache and Mozilla Mozilla Firefox: A Phoenix Rises Again

The Cathedral and the Bazaar The Market is not Ready for the Bazaar

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle MaintenanceAntiquated but Still Relevant

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